Read: World Leading OR World Changing?

World Leading OR World Changing?

Life is about people and to inspire is to create. The biggest factor with this is emotion and the use of imagination. You need to have emotional intelligence and use psychology, especially in sport, with your players and staff to succeed. It is potentially the single most important factor. As a coach which one of the above title do you want to be ? Or is it possible to be both? To achieve this, what ingredients do you need ?

Recruitment Vital!

Are you the type of coach who would embrace the competitive, passionate, restless player, the maverick, the game changer? And, give them the responsibility first? the learning when they make mistakes? and the recognition and joy when they get it right ?

Performance and success and finding different wayAristotle s to win.

I believe that there is an elite group of coaches, the top 1% with the other 99% being the same. The top 1% have the ability to get their players into peak flow for larger percentages of games than others. Aura and presence are not enough at the top level, taking this a step further, Pep Guardiola showed the ability to get peak flow and performance from his players for a period of games going forty unbeaten at one stage. In another sport the success of the All blacks over 135 year history is what is highly regarded as elite.

To be either of the title above, you need to be able to deliver all these things as a coach, all the time.

What type of coach do you want to be? It is an interesting question.

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then is not an act, but a habit”(Aristotle)


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